Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Thames Barrier - Views of Canary Wharf, Thames Barrier, Thames Barrier Park, Royal Docks.
Heavily industrialized - Post Industrial.
River defense - Decaying, slimy, trolleys embedded in the mud as the tide receded.
Machinery - Harsh, cold, mechanized boredom.
Hard surfacing - Lonely empty space occupied by distant bare seating, plaques inscribed with forgotten
Series of piers - Disused, dilapidated, rotten and dangerous.
Graffiti on walls - Heavy, isolating and brutal.
Layers of history - Strange and melancholic.
Old wooden jetties - Flop sum and jet sum lying idle upon the shore.
The Thames that time forgot.
Residential meets Industrial briefly, then disappears.
An old pub stands solid, looks out across the pier, I wonder who drank beer in here.
Funny smells, sulphates, lime, pollution lingers in the air.
Recycling plant grinds away, churning out sand, stone and cement, platforms, hoppers and conveyor
belts, rattle in despair.
Empty plots of land, lay strewn with blackberry bushes, look sad and uncared for, as though no one really cares.
But wait there's a clearing, within the dust and grime of solitude, as sailing boats protrude upwards,
towards the cloudy sky.
Greenwich Peninsula appears in view, rustle, rustle, rustle, as reeds and trees soothes my troubles, lilies float upon the water's edge as everything dances to the rhythm of the wind.
Water gently ripples and reflects the terraces, blocks of ground cover lay beneath the drifts of trees.
Decking, journey, green roofs and architecture, a peaceful calming sanctuary.